Smith & Nephew plc (ADR) (SNN), Medtronic, Inc. (MDT), ResMed Inc. (RMD): The Three Highest-Yielding Dividends Among Medical-Device Makers

ResMed Inc. (NYSE:RMD) only began paying a dividend in 2012 ($0.17/quarter), but I’d consider it a pretty encouraging sign that the company has already decided to boost its payout by 47% just a year later.

A sneaky play
Sometimes the highest-yielding or most obvious plays may not make the best choices for an income investor. In this case I have absolutely nothing against any of the aforementioned medical-device makers from an income perspective, but I think investors looking for medical device growth and dividend income would be doing themselves a disservice by not taking a closer look at Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ).

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) is a fully global diversified health-care company operating out of three segments: pharmaceutical, health-care products, and medical devices. Just last year, Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) completed a hefty $19.7 billion purchase of Synthes, which filled one of the few voids in J&J’s dominant growth scheme: exposure to implantable device sales in emerging markets. With J&J you get a company that’s raised its payout for 51 consecutive years and is currently yielding what would be a sector-topping 2.9%.

*Assumes quarterly payout of $0.66 for remainder of 2013.

One medical-device maker to avoid
While it’s certainly far from a disaster case, I believe income seekers looking at orthopedic reconstructive-device maker Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH) would be better served looking elsewhere. From a cash perspective, Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE:MDT) and ResMed Inc. (NYSE:RMD) both carry net cash positions, while Smith & Nephew plc (ADR) (NYSE:SNN) and Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH) both lug around net debt positions. Zimmer’s net debt of $450 million, though, is more than double that of Smith & Nephew and acts as an added drag when it comes to raising its dividend or making earnings-accretive acquisitions.

Another recent concern is Zimmer’s loss in court with regard to a surgical irrigation patent dispute with Stryker, which saw $228 million in damages and interest levied against the company. There seems to be little reason for Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH) to boost its dividend meaningfully, given this litigation and its already high debt levels. I can think of plenty of places to get a 1% yield or better, and Zimmer is not one of them.

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