Sanofi SA (SNY) & ISIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ISIS) Out-Limbo Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AEGR) in HoFH

If anything, these two points demonstrate that physicians do care about price and that patients ultimately care about their out-of-pocket costs.

So, what does this mean for Sanofi/Isis and Aegerion? I think it means convenience and safety with respect to Juxtapid are really going to need to be demonstrated in a side-by-side with Kynamro, otherwise I see no reason why Kynamro won’t receive a majority of physicians’ prescriptions. Aegerion could ultimately bring its price down on Juxtapid into a more comparable range with Kynamro, but it would almost certainly threaten the company’s chance at profitability then. I know it’s early and anything could happen, but I’m crowning Sanofi & Isis the HoFH limbo champs for right now and betting that Kynamro’s sales will trump Juxtapid’s in a matter of a few quarters.

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