Ranjan Tandon’s Libra Advisors Cut Stake In Eternal Energy $EERG

Ranjan Tandon’s Libra Advisors reported its 2.8% passive stake in Eternal Energy Corp. (EERG) on December 22. According to the filing, Libra Advisors now has about 1.28 million shares in EERG. This is the second filing Libra Advisors filed regarding its EERG position. On September 6th the firm had 6.17 million shares in the stock, corresponding to a 15% passive stake ownership. So it seems Libra Advisors sold most of the shares. Starting from December 20th for next 20 trading days, Eternal Energy’s common stock will be quoted for trading on the OTC Bulletin Board and OTC Markets Group. The stock is now priced at $1.00

Ranjan Tandon’s Libra Advisors has a portfolio value of $335 million. It invests about 70% of its capital in Basic Materials sector. The firm also invests in Technology, Utilities, and Service sector.

According to Google Finance, Eternal Energy Corp. “is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of natural resource properties. The company is engaged in the exploration for petroleum and natural gas in the States of Nevada, Utah, Texas, Colorado and North Dakota, the North Sea, and the Pebble Beach Project through the acquisition of contractual rights for oil and gas property leases and the participation in the drilling of exploratory wells. The company owns a 100% working interest in the Big Sand Spring Valley Prospect (the BSSV Prospect).”