NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA): Buy, Hold, or Sell?

While this is certainly not the stock to be in for the short term, it is still a highly compelling long term play.  With NVIDIA trading at $12.34, as of close 2/6/2013, a share and likely to go lower if the Google rumors prove to be true, this may be close to the ideal buying time.  Remember buying low, selling high, is the name of the game.

If you happen to already hold a significant stake in NVIDIA then I would be inclined to hold at this point, as the stock is not likely to break the $10 range.  With an annual yield of 2.43% you can earn some interest while waiting for the stock to blossom, which it is likely to do within 5 years.

The article NVIDIA: Buy, Hold, or Sell? originally appeared on Fool.com and is written by Samuel Younge.

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