Nokia Corporation (NOK) Fumbles in China– Again

Betting on Nokia
Obviously, Nokia is having some hard times etching out its place in China, but the fact that the company struck a deal with China Mobile to sell the Lumias is a big plus for the company. Apple has yet to work out a deal with China Mobile to carry the iPhone. If Nokia can get its smartphone supplies under control, then the partnership between the Nokia and China Mobile may actually start to pay off. Chinese consumers are already extremely familiar with Nokia’s brand, so it’s up the company to prove to them that the Windows Phone OS is the better choice over iOS and Android.

The biggest bet for Nokia, and its investors, is that the Windows Phone OS is what smartphone consumers want. Nokia’s life is dependent on the OS and investors should continue to watch how the OS is received worldwide. Nokia can’t afford to have its sales in China and America lag far behind for too long. Slow sales anywhere for Windows Phone handsets over a prolonged period could eventually spell doom for the OS — and Nokia.

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