Michael Kaufman’s Mak Capital One Picks $SIGM

Michael Kaufman’s Mak Capital One filed SEC 13G on November 14th for its new passive stake in Sigma Designs Inc. (SIGM). According to the filing, Mak Capital One now takes 2.11 million shares in SIGM, corresponding to a 6.6% stake ownership. Mak Capital One did not have a position the stock before. SIGM has lost 45% year to date, and is trading at $7.85 now. It’s possible that Mak Capital One paid a higher price to build the position.

There are eleven hedge funds that were also bullish about the stock, based on their 13F portfolios in the second quarter. Chuck Royce’s Royce & Associates had the most among the hedge funds, with approximately 3.48 million shares. Stuart Peterson’s Artis Capital Management opened the position in the second quarter and took 1.72 million shares in SIGM. These two hedge funds had significantly more shares than the other hedge funds did in the second quarter.

Chuck Royce

Mak Capital One is a hedge fund based in New York City. The firm was founded by Michael Kaufman in 2002. The firm has a 13F portfolio of $261 million, and it mainly invests in Technology, Basic Materials, Utilities, and Healthcare sector.

According to Yahoo! Finance, Sigma Designs, Inc. “provides integrated system-on-chip solutions (SoC) for the Internet protocol television (IPTV), media processor, connected home and media player, prosumer and industrial audio/video, high definition television, and PC-based add-in markets.” The company offers semiconductors with a suite of real-time software through its product lines. The company operates media processor product line, home networking product line, video image processor product line, home control and energy management automation product line. The company primarily markets its products “through direct sales force, manufacturer representatives, and independent distributors primarily in Asia, Europe, and North America.” The company was established in 1982 and is based in Milpitas, California.