Leviticus Partners Decreased Its Position in Westinghouse Solar

Leviticus Partners reported 4.1% passive stake in Westinghouse Solar, Inc. (WEST), according to a SEC 13G filing on December 6th. Leviticus Partners now has 584,725 shares in WEST. This is after the firm initially reported 623,434 shares or 5.4% passive stake on September 6th, and is a 24% decrease in Leviticus Partners’ position. On Friday WEST soared by more than 7% and is now trading at $0.52.

Leviticus Partners, L.P. is a private investment limited partnership managed by Adam M. Hutt. The firm aims to beat the S&P 500, the Russell 2000, and other common investment vehicles. The firm makes investments when the target company’s stock does not reflect its growth prospects and trades at a discount to its intrinsic value. The firm reduces downside risk while keeping upside participation via this approach

Per Google Finance, Westinghouse Solar, Inc., “formerly Akeena Solar, Inc., incorporated on February 23, 2001, is a designer and manufacturer of solar power systems and solar panels with integrated microinverters (AC solar panels). The company’s products are designed for use in solar power systems for residential and commercial rooftop customers. It designs, markets and sells these solar power systems to solar installers, trade workers and do-it-yourself customers in the United States and Canada through distribution partnerships, its dealer network and retail home improvement outlets. The company has introduced a plug and play solar panel technology (Andalay). Andalay AC panels deliver 5% to 25% more energy compared to ordinary panels, produce safe household AC power and have built-in panel level monitoring, racking, wiring, grounding and microinverters. Prior to September 2010, the company was also engaged in the solar power system installation business.”