In Conversation with Ali Ahmed Almohannadi: Marketing Tips for Crafting a Compelling Marketing Strategy

Whether it’s the Hilton hotel group (HLT) or any other, the hospitality industry’s major players are known for delivering great experiences to their customer base. However, a well thought through marketing strategy is what brings these experiences and the right audiences together. After working with big names such as Mondrian hotel, Rotana hotel, Alrayyan (a Hilton property), Oh la la magazine, etc. Kinfolks Co’s CEO and founder Ali Ahmed Almohannadi shared insightful tips on crafting a compelling marketing strategy.

Kinfolks Co. is a marketing and management firm that has successfully completed hundreds of significant projects in different industries.

Ali Ahmed Almohannadi

Q: Ali, what is the most important thing to consider before creating a marketing strategy?

A: After developing a keen interest in marketing at a young age and learning from my uncle, I learned to focus on the present market type to understand the dynamics, trends, and expectations of the people. 

Q: What is the first step for marketers when starting a new campaign?

A: It’s crucial to target the potential and the right consumer base, instead of randomly creating strategies for everyone. A marketer must create buyer personas to target the right audience.

Q: What is the role of social media in marketing?

A: Social media can be a big game-changer; therefore, marketing strategies must never leave social media out of the plan. Other than this, manage good relations with the clients, which help expand the customer base further. Social media plays a crucial role in creating a friendly and trustworthy relationship between a brand and its target audience.

Q: Ali, tell us about your journey.

A: I did not kickstart my career initially as a marketing student. Born in Al-Khor, Qatar, I did Bachelor’s in BSc Analytic Chemistry and Forensic Science from Coventry University, UK. Later, I had a change of heart when I realized that my passion and talent lied in marketing. It led me to pursue HBD in Business Management from Wolverhampton University, followed by MSc Marketing from the University of Sussex in 2020.