How to Profit from Growth in Internet Advertisement: AOL, Inc. (AOL) and More


Litigation has become a norm in this highly competitive landscape. A very important litigation has just been concluded in Australia, which might not seem as high profile as some of the lawsuits from the smartphone industry, but this particular case will have a long term impact on the entire Internet advertisement industry. An Australian watchdog recently sued Google for publishing misleading advertisements on its website. The court has ruled in favor of the search giant, which will set a precedent for all future litigation anywhere in the world. Google was able to prove that it didn’t engage in misleading behavior with its sponsored links and is not responsible for messages from paid advertisement. This makes all such Internet advertisement companies carriers of information and not published, thereby removing the burden of due diligence.

Bottom Line

The Internet advertisement industry will continue to show solid growth, and the mentioned stocks are a good bet to profit from this growth. Google and Facebook are the strongest contenders in this arena, but Facebook has a clear edge when it comes to mobile. AOL is slowly building itself to be a serious contender in this arena, and eBay has Paypal to fall back on, making both stocks interesting investment options.

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