How MAKO Surgical Corp. (MAKO) Could Quadruple

Then again, when the company (mostly) answered my questions in February, management elaborated one of their “key operative priorities in 2013” was to continue collecting and analyzing user feedback and use it to “further enhance [their] product offering.”

In fact, one of the yet-to-be-officially mentioned technologies that I’m waiting to hear about from MAKO is a shoulder replacement procedure. As I first noted last October, San Francisco Surgery Center Administrator Jeff Wong even stated the following in a Q&A session last August: “While we have focused exclusively on partial knee replacements up till now, we anticipate leveraging the robot for hip replacements and possibly shoulder repairs in the near future.”

Call me crazy, but that doesn’t seem like something one would say without at least having a conversation about it first with the minds at MAKO Surgical.

Foolish final thoughts

In the end, when MAKO eventually announces one or more new procedure types while continuing to increase the number of hip procedures performed, I see no reason why the resulting enthusiasm couldn’t push the stock back near all-time highs. However, remember that this a long-term speculative bet that won’t happen overnight, so, as always, patience is key to realizing big profits with this young stock.

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