Hedge Funds Only Like One of These Two Trending Stocks and Here’s Why You Should Follow Them

Hedge funds are divided on Republic Airways Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:RJET). A total of 18 hedge funds owned $137.57 million of the company’s shares (representing 29.50% of the float) at the end of June, versus 15 funds and $183.4 million respectively on March 31. More specifically, Ross Margolies‘ Stelliam Investment Management increased its holding by 6% during the second quarter to 5.01 million shares while Stephen V. Raneri’s Lioneye Capital Management raised its stake by 35% to 2.06 million shares. Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies upped its stake by 21% to 729,723 shares, while Richard Haydon’s Yield Capital Management kept its holding unchanged at 762,000 shares. Going the opposite way is Jay Petschek and Steven Major’s Corsair Capital Management, which edged down its stake by 1% to 4.65 million shares.

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