Google Inc (GOOG) Fiber Has Time Warner Cable Inc (TWC) Tripping All Over Itself

With those kind of results, along with margins as high as 97% according to a Bernstein analyst, getting the cable industry to change Internet strategies wasn’t likely — until Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Fiber entered the picture, that is. Now, in spite of what cable executives like Britt are saying, their actions tell another story.

For consumers, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Fiber is a no-lose proposition. Either customers will see continual improvements from cable providers — as Austin and Kansas City have — or will wait for Fiber or Fiber-like alternatives to become available and jump ship. Based on annual customer service rankings, Britt and his cable industry cohorts should stop pooh-poohing Fiber and start implementing a comprehensive strategy to retain their customers. But don’t count on it.

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