Eric Schmidt Myanmar: Google’s Eric Schmidt Visiting Myanmar

Eric Schmidt Myanmar: Do you remember when Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Eric Schmidt visited North Korea earlier this year? Being that the United States and North Korea don’t have good relations, this was a trip that garnered a lot of attention from a variety of people and organizations.

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Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, Google FoundersWell, it doesn’t appear that Schmidt is slowing down with his travel anytime in the near future. This time around he is in Myanmar, an untapped tech market in Asia.

Despite the fact that Myanmar has been dealing with many years of military rule, it appears that the country is making major strides. That being said, they are still well behind the times when it comes to internet access and other technology. In fact, the ability to surf the web in Myanmar is quite rare. Along with this, a very small group of the country’s 50 million residents have a cell phone.

According to an article by CNN, Schmidt plans to visit “a technology park in Yangon, the country’s most populous city. “

On Friday, Schmidt took the time to partake in a question and answer session. During this event, he said that “something extraordinary is going to happen in Myanmar.” As you can imagine, this is something that excited the people in attendance.

While it is safe to say that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Schmidt is attempting to stay out of Myanmar affairs, he did add the following:

“When you connect the citizens, they will have things to say about you [the government], and some of them will be critical. You have to get over this, and whatever you do, you should not censor it.”

For a company that has not operated like this in the past, this is definitely going to be a major change.

What do you think about this trip? Is Myanmar going to grow in terms of technology in the years to come? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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