Google Gets Daily Deal

Google acquired Daily Deal – a German-version of Groupon – but did not indicate whether it paid full price or wholesale.

About Daily Deal

Daily Deal – which began in December 2009 – offers deals in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, expanding Google’s customer base globally. Within Austria, Daily Deal has surpassed deal rival, Groupon.

Google Inc (GOOG)

After Groupon declined a $6 billion offer from Google last year, the internet search giant has sought to bolster its nascent Offers service, but the service has progressed slowly. This is the second acquisition by Google focused on the online deal market as they purchased DealMap – which shows deals on Google Maps – earlier this year

Daily Deal May Be Beginning Of Google’s Attack on Deal Sites

Google’s acquisitions for Google Offers overshadow today’s launch of Google Wallet, the company’s foray into mobile payments for customers using Google Android phones.