General Motors Company (GM) Is Bringing Back These Models. Have You Heard?

That’s a perfect way to attack the market and prevent competition between its models. I expect the American consumer to jump at the chance to buy one of these trucks, and I think General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) will be the market leader in the midsize segment by mid-decade.

Think long-term
As an investor and writer, I preach investing with a long-term mindset. I have great things to say about Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s recent vehicles, its management, and its bright future, but in this case, I think management made a short-term decision that could cost the company later.

If the downsizing trend takes hold in the truck segment, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) could miss the rebound in smaller trucks. It could also lose F-Series sales if all of its competitors end up offering entry-level midsize trucks from which consumers could step up to competing larger models.

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) sees potential in the midsize pickup, while Ford apparently doesn’t. I like GM’s decision here and expect investors to be happy with the developments over the next year. Maybe Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) sees something I don’t? What do you, as consumers, think? Let me know in the comments section.

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