Facebook Inc. (FB): New Tools Can Reveal More About Audiences

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) already has  oodles and oodles of data among its one billion users. Having information about one billion users is a treasure trove of information that, if mined and analyzed correctly, could work to tremendous advantage for any number of marketers. But how much easier could that data analysis be if there were tools available on the Facebook platform that could do some of the work for you?

Do you have questions about the commonalities among your company’s Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) fans? Would you like to know what posts are best received? How about the overall topics on Facebook that seem to be the most viral among your customers and fans,  and what are the characteristics of your best fans and can you find those people elsewhere on the social network and draw them in? Well, the introduction of a couple new tools launched in public beta this week may very well give you and your company that valuable insight which could better focus marketing efforts.

Facebook Inc. (FB)OfferPop, a New York-based firm,  is launching these new tools that are designed to provide even better, more detailed and focused information about Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) users and fans of specific companies. it is reported that these tools are improving engagement with brands by 84 percent and fan loyalty of the brands by nearly 200 percent.  One such Facebook tool is a post database, which tracks the content that attracts the most interest, keying on that which is generating the most clicks, engagement and goes the most viral. The other tool is a fan database, which allows a marketer to develop a deep profile of fans and helps develop a model for those fans and can help a marketer find Facebook users who fit a similar profile as existing fans.

How could these tools work for marketers benefit?

Here is one example of how these tools may work. These tools can help a marketer know that the recent Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) post about Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas being pregnant had strong reach, but marketers can also learn that all celebrity-pregnancy posts are good engagement and popularity. And with a couple of clicks, a marketer can establish a list of Facebook users – both fans and non-fans – who have responded positively to those types of messages. Marketers could take some of this information from these tools and do any of three things – email sets of users based on their responses, targets specific ads at specific people, or they can go in search of users who have profiles tht match the brand’s more ardent fans.

What do you think about these new tools on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)? Will this help Facebook as a marketing tool for companies? We’d like your thoughts about this is the comments section below.

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