Facebook Inc. (FB): New Phishing Scam from Mark ‘Zurckerberg’

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is wildly popular in the world – and is gaining popularity among equity hedge funds we track – boasting one of every six people on the planet being a user of the site. That makes Facebook as treasure trove of information for marketers in order to develop customized and effective  campaigns to target groups of users in a certain target demographic. But not only does it provide an attractive opportunity for marketers where they will pay top dollar for the chance to reach large segments of this audience, but it also seems to be providing a fertile ground for some spammers to try to grab some information that can allow them to commit various identity-theft acts.

The problem is, this spam is pretty easy to spot, because the spammers apparently don’t know how to spell the last name of the Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) CEO. There is reportedly a new “phishing” scam making the rounds that is intended to look like a personal message from Mark Zuckerberg. In the message, there is a request for the user to verify login information because Facebook claims that the user has violted the site’s Ters of Service and the account may be suspended without prompt action.

Facebook Inc. (FB)In order to verify the account information, the user is asked – by a guy named “Mark Zurckerberg” – to submit account information, and the site would “immediately review” the account and notify the user again by e-mail. This particular phishing scam of “account verification” on Facebook inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is not new, but it is the most hokey because of the misspelling of the CEO’s name. Similar scams that seek “account verification” had claims “insulting conduct by users, and another one was sent what was called the “Facebook Security Team.”

What are your thoughts on these scams, and do you think steps can be taken by Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) to fight these scams? Do you think these affect some users’ and the time they are on the site, or even remain users? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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