Facebook Inc. (FB): 20% of Ad Expenses Goes Mobile, Study Says

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There have been other reports in recent months about different Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) advertising concepts and their results. There was a piece last fall that surveyed five major Facebook ad platforms who noted intense interest in  mobile advertising that promoted Facebook Pages,  and a couple studies last week suggested that Facebook ads that promoted mobile app installs developed high click-through rates.

Kenshoo also noted in its study that Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) sells its mobile ads at a 70 percent over its desktop ads – mainly because one mobile ad takes up most of the viewing area on a mobile device, while a the view of a desktop could contain six or seven ads – and while Facebook has made progress with Android smartphones, the Android tablets have been severely lacking. Ad spend on tablets is 97 percent to iPad devices vs. just 3 percent on Android devices.

How do you assess this information when it comes to Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and its push for revenue improvement? Do you see Facebook progressing in mobile, and what do you think are Facebook’s prospects for 2013? Give us your thoughts!

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