Easy Ways to Reduce Your Overall Energy Consumption

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Are you looking for ways to reduce your monthly utility bills? The following article will provide you with simple techniques on how to decrease the amount of energy you consume; thus, allowing you to decrease your overall utility bill. Continue reading to see what you can do to lower your heating bill.

Your heating and cooling energy needs account for the majority of your utility bills. By saving on your heating and cooling, you will help protect the environment. To accomplish this, set your thermostat on your air conditioning one degree warmer during the summer and one degree cooler during the winter. This one degree temperature change will not result in you feeling uncomfortable; however, you will notice significant savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Another way to protect our environment is to fix any plumbing leaks. These leaks can not only increase your water bill, but they also waste clean water which harms the environment.

One way to help decrease your overall air conditioning and heating bills is to install curtains on your windows. Thermal backed curtains help keep the sunlight out resulting in lower cooling costs during the summer months.

When your appliances aren’t being used, turn them off and unplug them. This is because even when your appliances are off, they are still consuming energy. To avoid wasting energy, unplug all electronics when not in use.

Wash your clothes on the cold water setting of your washing machine. With today’s improved detergents, clothes can now be washed on cooler temperatures. In addition to the energy savings that result from using cold water, your clothes will also last longer, allowing you to save money and keep clothing out of the landfill.

Insulation helps keep your heating and cooling inside your home. By adding extra insulation to your home, you can help reduce your overall energy consumption. Insulation should be installed in your flooring and your ceilings for best results.

To help conserve electricity and water, only run your dishwasher when it is full. Additionally, ensure that you properly load the dishwasher for best results. You should choose the air dry option to save even more energy. Using a dishwasher actually uses less water than hand washing your dishes; therefore, choose to use a dishwasher over hand washing whenever possible.

Instead of drying your clothes, consider installing a clothesline. This will result in energy savings as well as limiting the amount of power that you use. If you do not like how clothes hung on the clothesline feels, dry them in the dryer for approximately fifteen minutes to help soften the fibers.

The above article offers you many tips and techniques on how to decrease your overall energy consumption. By learning how to incorporate these techniques, you can decrease you energy consumption which will help decrease your carbon footprint. Follow the methods listed above to begin using energy wisely; then, begin introducing your family to green energy alternatives. This will result in helping to save the planet for future generations.

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