Dow Jones Industrial Average (.DJI): What Should You Do If You Knew a Market Correction Was Coming?

Based on these figures, you should review your positions once every four months to be safe. I’d also suggest checking in toward the end of earnings season, so that any information you decide to act on is current.

So what should you do if you knew the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEXDJX:.DJI) and S&P 500 was going to drop 5% or 10% tomorrow? Well, in one sense we all know a correction is coming. It’s inevitable that the market will reverse course and head lower in the coming months or years. So if you’re performing this kind of portfolio review regularly, then besides buying stocks with your extra cash after prices fall, the best thing to really do is … do nothing. Don’t panic. And by all means, don’t sell. Sit back and relax, read the morning paper, sleep well at night, and know deep down that your money is safe and that the market will once again rebound and your assets will soon continue their appreciation journey.

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