Don’t Mess With France’s Data Companies: Stocks to Watch as EU Threatens US Spying Efforts

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Do you think the EU’s actions will affect these technology and data companies? Use the interactive list below to begin your own analysis.

1. AOL, Inc. (AOLEarningsAnalystsFinancials): Operates as a Web services company that offers a suite of brands and offerings for the worldwide audience. Market cap at $2.7B, most recent closing price at $35.01.

2. Google Inc (GOOGEarningsAnalystsFinancials): Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Market cap at $334.72B, most recent closing price at $1003.30.

3. Facebook Inc (FBEarningsAnalystsFinancials): Operates as a social networking company worldwide. Market cap at $129.62B, most recent closing price at $53.85.

4. CoreLogic Inc (CLGXEarningsAnalystsFinancials): Provides analytics and services to mortgage originators, financial institutions, government and government-sponsored enterprises, and other businesses. Market cap at $2.58B, most recent closing price at $26.96.

5. LifeLock Inc (LOCKEarningsAnalystsFinancials): Provides identity theft protection services for consumers; and identity risk assessment and fraud protection services for enterprises in the United States. Market cap at $1.28B, most recent closing price at $14.57.

6. Yahoo! Inc. (YHOOEarningsAnalystsFinancials): A technology company, provides search, content, and communication tools on the Web and on mobile devices worldwide. Market cap at $35.65B, most recent closing price at $34.06.

7. Acxiom Corporation (ACXMEarningsAnalystsFinancials): Provides marketing technology and services that enable marketers to manage audience, personalize consumer experiences, and create customer relationships. Market cap at $2.38B, most recent closing price at $32.35.

(List compiled by James Dennin. Analyst ratings sourced from Zacks Investment Research. All other data sourced from Yahoo! Finance.)

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Dig Deeper: Access Company Snapshots, Charts, Filings

– AOL, Inc.(AOLChartDownload SEC Filings)
– Google Inc.(GOOGChartDownload SEC Filings)
– Facebook, Inc.(FBChartDownload SEC Filings)
– CoreLogic, Inc.(CLGXChartDownload SEC Filings)
– LifeLock, Inc.(LOCKChartDownload SEC Filings)
– Yahoo! Inc. (YHOOChartDownload SEC Filings)
– Acxiom Corporation(ACXMChartDownload SEC Filings)


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