Compass Minerals International, Inc. (CMP), Southern Copper Corp (SCCO), Materion Corp (MTRN): Top 3 Mining Companies

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Materion Corp (NYSE:MTRNhas experienced a significant increase in revenue over the past four years. The company was taking in $715 million in 2009, and that has since increased to nearly $1.3 billion last year. The downside to this stock is the amount of expenses, which results in a low profit margin — just under 2% last year. But with the type of growth the company is experiencing, there could be nothing standing in the firm’s way.

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, the holding company produces advanced engineering materials. In essence, it provides much of the material needed for electrical, thermal, electronic and structural applications. That makes this an attractive stock to purchase for those who are also bullish on technology. Developing countries will likely play a major role in the profitability at Materion Corp (NYSE:MTRN), due to their greater demand for telecommunications infrastructure and automotive electronics, for example.

Global markets

Knowing exactly how much of these companies’ profits are from the developing world is difficult to say. But it is certain that more people in the developing countries are buying cars and cellphones, for example. That leaves the manufacturers of these products in a solid position to profit, and businesses providing the materials for the manufacturers are along for the ride.

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