Chart: Why Basel III Matters – Citigroup Inc. (C), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

Source: Bank of America’s 2012 10-K, page 73.

Under the current regulatory scheme, known as “Basel I,” the nation’s second largest bank by assets is obligated to hold a minimum of $60 billion in Tier 1 common capital — this largely consists of common stock and retained earnings. As a result, B of A currently holds $73 billion more than is required. Under the new scheme, however, it’s required to hold $118 billion in Tier 1 common capital, leaving the bank with only $10 billion in excess reserves.

While this may seem academic, think about that for a second. We’re talking about a nearly twofold increase in capital, amounting to a staggering $58 billion. That’s a little over $5 a share for a bank that trades at roughly $12 a share today. In one fell swoop, moreover, B of A’s $73 billion capital cushion gets eviscerated, cut down to a comparatively paltry $10 billion.

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