Capital Southwest Corporation (CSWC), Symmetry Surgical Inc (SSRG): Moab Capital Tweaks Its Equity Portfolio

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Symmetry Surgical Inc (NASDAQ:SSRG) is another stock that was mentioned in Moab’s latest filings with the SEC. The investor first disclosed holding shares on December 8, right as the company started trading on NASDAQ. The company was formed in a separation transaction from Symmetry Medical, after the former sold its OEM solutions business to Tecomet. Meanwhile, since the newly formed Symmetry Surgical Inc (NASDAQ:SSRG) started trading, its stock edged down by around 1.5%.

Moab, being one of the largest shareholders of Symmetry Surgical Inc (NASDAQ:SSRG), first disclosed an activist position in the company and said that it plans to nominate at least one candidate to be elected to the company’s board of directors. However, as it was mentioned earlier the latest filing showed that the nature of the stake was changed to passive.

So far, other investors, among the funds that we track, have not disclosed holding any shares of Symmetry Surgical Inc (NASDAQ:SSRG). However, during the third quarter, several investors raised their stakes in Symmetry Medical, therefore they might reveal holding shares of Symmetry Surgical in their next 13F filings. Among these investors are Jim Simons‘ Renaissance Technologies and Israel Englander’s Millennium Management

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