Can Sony Corporation (ADR) (SNE) Get Back The “WOW” Factor?

Sony has been teasing users around with its latest PS4 “See the Future” ad campaign and the 20th of February will mark a new era in gaming. We’ll still have to wait and see what Sony comes up on the 20th of February and how Microsoft responds.

Is a Comeback near?

Hirai’s main strategy to lift Sony, from the ashes, is the new “One Sony” scheme, which looks solid. The company is set to invest further and create a major buzz in the smartphones industry. Previously, the company’s Android smartphones never got much recognition but the newer smartphones are creating hype due to improved software and top-notch hardware.

Previously, Sony could not take steps to fire employees and cut down costs — cultural expectations in Japan made that task difficult. However, Hirai has already started to cut down jobs in an attempt to lower costs, which Sony never did previously.

Another new strategy is that Sony will not be making too many products that resemble others on the market. Instead, it will now focus on cutting-edge technology, along with innovation, in order to make stand out or “WOW” products, which the company has been lacking for quite some time now.

Sony’s future still remains uncertain, but the company looks like its heading in the right direction. Sony’s new era, under the leadership of Kazuo Hirai, looks promising, and the restructuring of Sony is expected to lead the company back to profitability.

However, not much can be said about Sony’s stock at the moment. Since the arrival of the new CEO, Sony has been improving and the decrease in losses is one of the signs of Sony’s vision to become profitable again by the end of 2013. Some believe that Sony is still a sell, however, many are now optimistic with Sony, changing the ratings from Sony being a sell to a buy, including the Bank of America.

This is because analysts believe that Sony’s new leadership is more than capable of taking the right decisions going forware and also, Sony will continue to take advantage of the weakened Yen. Aside from that, Sony is likely to get greater market share this year as the release of new products has been better than expected, with smartphones being Sony’s major strength as operators are eager to market the company’s new products.

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