Buy, Sell, or Hold McDonald’s Corporation (MCD)?

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The dividend increases will likely keep coming as McDonald’s continues to turn its low-margin company-owned restaurants into high-margin franchises here in the U.S. market. When that happens, it frees up capital for additional share buybacks or increased dividends. And it gets even better: Even when the company-owned store is sold, McDonald’s typically retains the rights to most of its buildings and property, and that remains on the books at cost — meaning the company owns a plethora of undervalued real estate.

If McDonald’s proves it can adapt through modernizing its stores and upgrading its menu, it could provide an excellent opportunity for long-term investors. The downside in owning McDonald’s is limited, as its brand image and low-cost position will continue to provide strong cash flow and earnings even during rough times; the Golden Arches aren’t going anywhere. If you’re looking for exciting growth stocks, you missed the boat on McDonald’s. However, If you’re looking for a strong, financially stable company that consistently returns value to shareholders and still has remaining sales growth globally, McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) looks like a solid investment for you.

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