Billionaire Steve Cohen Tops Warren Buffett In Starz (STRZA)

Over the interim, the company should be able to able to see price appreciation as investors realize Starz’s depressed valuation, especially with billionaire investors taking notice. Beyond that, there is the potential for a takeover. Eugene Huang of Artemis Capital had this to say about the likelihood of Starz being acquired…

Starz will be the only standalone premium pay TV channel. HBO is owned by Time Warner, and Showtime by CBS. It doesn’t make any sense to stand alone on its own. Starz could easily be acquired by Disney or Sony, News Corp, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS, or Comcast/NBC. DirecTV previously tried to acquire Starz in 2009 but couldn’t agree on a valuation. Management has already indicated that this is a possibility already being explored.

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