Billionaire Andreas Halvorsen’s Top 5 Best Dividend Stock Picks

4. Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS)

Viking’s stake in the company as of Q4 2020 was 2.83 million shares, with the stock’s dividend yield at 5.18%. Las Vegas Sands Corp. had 63 hedge fund investors by the end of 2020, a notable increase from 47 hedge funds in the previous quarter.

Jefferies analyst David Katz recently pointed out that analysts and investors have taken a conservative approach to Las Vegas Sands amid uncertainty around the recovery period. The conservative pick was largely associated with the company’s robust balance sheet after selling its Vegas sale, as well as the phasing out of Sands China to pave way for The Londoner.

Some of the top hedge funds that have a stake in the company include Melvin Capital Management, at 10.56 million shares and D1 Capital Partners, which owns 5.34 million LVS shares. Las Vegas Sands Corp. is one of the largest gaming and casino operators in the U.S. It is also one of the most attractive stocks in terms of dividend yield, thus earning a spot in Andreas Halvorsen’s 10 best dividend stock picks list.