BHR Capital Believes These Tankers Are Due For A Big Rebound

At the end of the first quarter, Thompson held a total of 2.07 million shares of Gramercy Property Trust Inc (NYSE:GPT) valued at $58.25 million. That was a dip from the previous 13F reporting period, when the fund held 2.30 million shares of the real estate investment trust (REIT). Gramercy recently received an investment-grade credit rating from Moody’s, which is a notable milestone within its net-lease REIT sector and in the stock market in general. Two firms that recently covered the stock gave it a recommendation of “Strong Buy.” Gramercy Property Trust Inc (NYSE:GPT) beat Thomson Reuters’ earnings per share estimate for the first quarter, posting $0.43, a beat of $0.03. Gramercy today announced the closure of its purchase of two adjacent, single-tenant industrial properties in Orlando, Florida, for $15.5 million. Shares are up by 1.5% today on the news of the purchases, which are expected to deliver year one operating income of $1.4 million. Billionaire Ken Griffin‘s Citadel Advisors holds 2.66 million shares of Gramercy, more than any other fund we track.

Lastly, BHR Capital’s filing showed that it held a total of 4.74 million shares of Scorpio Tankers Inc. (NYSE:STNG) with a market value of $44.60 million, representing a slight increase in the fund’s position in the stock compared to the previous quarter, when it held a total of 4.54 million shares. Scorpio Tankers has already begun to rebound from its 14% drop in the second half of 2014, gaining 12% year-to-date. Insider Monkey looked into the performance of the stock and why it has generated great interest among investors and analysts. One of the reasons why the company, which operates within the services industry, has generated a lot of interest is its growth potential. Analysts have an estimated 5-year growth prospect of 25.05% and a price-to-earnings growth multiple of 1.14, meaning that the stock has been fairly priced. Out of nine brokerages, five have given the stock a rating of “Strong Buy”. Scorpio Tankers Inc. (NYSE:STNG) recently announced a $250 million buyback project in which it’s set to re-purchase its common stock and bonds, consisting of Convertible Senior Notes, and Unsecured Senior Notes. 29 of the hedge funds in our database were invested in Scorpio Tankers Inc. (NYSE:STNG), including five billionaires. The hedge funds held a total of $592.65 million of the company’s stock on March 31. A few of these hedge funds are Michael Weinstock’s Monarch Alternative Capital which held a total of 6.30 million shares, Remy Trafelet’s Trafelet Capital, which held 1.67 million shares, and billionaire Marc Lasry‘s Avenue Capital, which held 6.41 million shares.

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