Apple Earnings Reports: Apple Analyst Says ‘Expect the Worst,’ Could Be A Good Thing

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Apple Earnings Reports: With Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) getting ready to report its earnings for the second quarter of 2013, many people, investors especially, are wondering what this day will bring.

Is the company going to say something that gets people excited once again? Or is the Apple free fall set to continue?

Apple Inc. (AAPL) to be Added to Several WisdomTree ETFsRight now, despite all the rumors, nobody really knows what Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will report. Sure, there are some ideas circulating, but it is hard to pinpoint the exact numbers until the company actually talks.

Until then, let’s take a closer look at what analysts are saying. More specifically, Daniel Ernst of Hudson Square Research.

Ernst discusses what to expect tomorrow, including the tech giant’s potential earnings, as well as whether or not you should “buy, sell or hold.”

CNBC recently ran this segment with Ernst in anticipation of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s big day tomorrow.

When asked by the host whether or not things could get better or worse for Apple Inc. tomorrow, here is what Ernst had to say:

“I think the best way to look at it is to expect the worst. We are looking for revenues up six percent and earnings down 19 percent year over year. I cannot find a quarter in my model where earnings were down year over year, last fiscal year, earnings grew 60 percent, so I think we should expect the worst and in some ways almost hope for the worst to finish the bleeding.”

As you can see, Ernst is of the feeling that things are going to go from bad to worse for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) tomorrow. That being said, he also feels that this is not necessarily the worst thing that could happen. He alludes to the fact that it could help the company “finish the bleeding,” which would allow it to move past recent troubles as 2013 wears on.

For Ernst, there is a big question on his mind. He appears to care more about what the future holds, well past tomorrow, as opposed to the present. Here is what he added:

“The question is, in my opinion, not what they [Apple] are going to do this quarter or not what they are going to do next quarter, what are they [Apple] going to do next year? And the year after that?”

Ernst finishes the interview by talking about the prospects of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares rising again in the years to come, thanks to a new product “that people actually get excited about again.”

The waiting game continues. Ernst is telling people to expect the worst, and by tomorrow evening we may know exactly what that means for Apple.

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