A Product Released This Week Might Determine Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)’s Future

Most consumers hardly need an iPad with that much storage. But businesses using larger and larger programs? This is increasingly necessary.

Microsoft might not be the only company that is relying on the Surface Pro

Unlike other tablets that run on ARM processors, the Surface Pro will be equipped with a traditional Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) chip. Over the last year, shares of Intel have been devastated (down over 20%) as its chips have been passed over in favor of ARM chips for mobile devices.

The Surface Pro base model runs Intel’s i5 processor, the same processor used in many laptops, including Apple’s MacBook Pro. Yet, despite the fact that Intel’s chips are used in the majority of laptop and desktop PCs, sales of the company’s chips slumped in 2012. In the third-quarter, the crucial back-to-school season, Intel’s chip sales declined 8%.

If the Surface Pro is a success, it could mean that Intel’s technology is still relevant in a world that is increasingly shifting from traditional PCs to mobile devices.

It could also mean that similar tablets made by Microsoft’s OEMs — Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, etc — would find eager consumers for their products.

At any rate, this Saturday will be key for the future of Microsoft’s Windows empire.

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