5 Largest Animal Feed Companies in the World

Below you can find the 5 largest animal feed companies in the world. For detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive list, please see the 15 largest animal companies in the world.

5. New Hope Liuhe

Revenue: $11.9 billion

Market Cap: $19.3 B

Animal Feed Volume (x 1000 MT): 20,000

Number of Employees: 60,000

Country: China

New Hope Liuhe Co is a Chinese company primarily engaged in the manufacture and distribution of pig feed, chicken feed, aquatic feed, duck feed, and meat products. New Hope Liuhe operates almost 500 branch and affiliate companies and employs nearly 60,000 people. 

4. Land O’Lakes Inc.

Revenue: $13.88 billion

Animal Feed Volume (x 1000 MT): 13,500

Number of Employees: 9,000

Country: United States

We might know Land O’lakes as a popular distributor of dairy products such as butter but did you know that the company also sells animal feeds for farm and exotic animals through Purina Animal Nutrition and Mazuri? Yes, Purina Animal Nutrition owns a high-tech research facility that works as a farm where food for different animal species is developed. On the other hand, Mazuri provides animal feed for zookeepers, vets, breeders, and exotic pet owners. Land O’Lakes ranked 232nd at Fortune 500 in 2020.

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3. Nutreco

Revenue: $28 billion

Animal Feed Volume (x 1000 MT): 9,000

Number of Employees: 11,005

Country: Netherlands

Nutreco N.V. is a Dutch distributor of animal nutrition, fish feed, and processed meat products. Nutreco provides innovative nutritional solutions are the source of food for millions of consumers worldwide. Nutreco supplies fish and shrimp feed through Skretting and animal nutrition products through Trouw Nutrition in more than 90 countries around the world. Nutreco operates 15 production facilities in Europe, 17 animal feed plants in the US, and 3 manufacturing facilities across Asia.


2. Tyson Foods

Revenue: $43.1 billion

Market Cap: $23.669 B

Animal Feed Volume (x 1000 MT): 10,000

Number of Employees: 141,000

Country: United States

One of the largest animal feed companies in the world is Tyson Foods which operates 32 feed mills, three of which are in China and India. Tyson Foods is the world’s leading integrator of poultry, pork, and beef. Significant markets for sales include Brazil, Canada, Central America, China, the European Union, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East, South Korea, and Taiwan. In 2018, Tyson Foods purchased Keystone Foods for $2.16 billion from Marfrig Global Foods.

Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE:TSN)

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1. Cargill Inc.

Revenue: $114.6 billion

Animal Feed Volume (x 1000 MT): 19,600

Number of Employees: 155,000

Country: United States

Topping the list of the 10 largest animal feed companies in the world is no other than Cargill. Cargill is actively involved in many nutritional, agricultural, financial, and industrial interests, including the main Animal Nutrition & Protein division, which operates at 280 locations in 70 countries. Minneapolis-based Cargill was founded by William Wallace Cargill in 1865. The company started from being a grain storage facility and 150 years later, it has become one of the biggest key players in the animal feed sector. Aside from this, Cargill is a well-known global manufacturer and distributor of agricultural goods such as sugar, refined oils, chocolate, and turkey. The multinational company also engages in commodities trading, risk management, and transportation services. This year, Cargill has been listed by Forbes as one of the best employers and the second-largest private company in America.

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