5 Biggest Pesticide Companies In The World

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Below we listed the 5 biggest pesticide companies in the world. For our detailed discussion as well as a more comprehensive list, please see 12 Biggest Pesticide Companies In The World.

5. Corteva (CTVA)

Revenue: $13.9 billion                    

Assets: $41.6 billion                                      

Number of employees: 21,000                

Market Cap: $29.41 billion

Headquarters: Delaware, United States

Corteva Agriscience is an American agricultural company that was formerly one of the departments of Dow DuPont. It was founded in 2019 and it specializes in producing products that aid farm production. It has operations in various countries and produces seeds and pesticides. It specializes in the research and manufacture of agrochemicals such as fertilizers and growth regulators that increase farm productivity. It has also produced a new seed brand that will optimize production for farmers. It provides digital services and vegetation management tools to aid farmers. Recently, Corteva produced a new class of insecticides that controls sap-feeding pests.

Biggest Pesticide Companies in the world

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