5 Best Autonomous Vehicle Stocks to Buy for 2021

4. Qualcomm, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM)

No of HFs: 87

Total Value of HF Holdings: $2.58 Billion

Next-generation vehicles are more safe, wired, intelligent, and location-conscious than ever before thanks to Qualcomm Automotive Wireless Solutions. Qualcomm aims to provide the most powerful 4G/5G, cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth communication systems, as well as accurate positioning and computing technologies. QCOM was mentioned as one of the 10 US Companies with highest Revenue Exposure To China.

Check out this article where Del Principe O’Brien Financial Advisors mentioned a few comments on the stock,

“When Qualcomm was trading in the low $50s, we bought every share we could. Qualcomm stock rose to around $70 when Broadcom was set to acquire the company, but ultimately the deal did not go through. In April of this year, Qualcomm ended a lengthy and complicated legal battle with Apple over the licensing of Qualcomm’s chip technology in Apple’s mobile devices, including its iPhones. The settlement included a payout from Apple to Qualcomm rumored to be around $6 billion, as well as a six-year licensing agreement and a supply agreement guaranteeing that the chipmaker continue to provide its products to the largest company in the world. With this settlement and the expected increase in product shipments, Qualcomm anticipates an incremental earnings per share of $2. As Qualcomm shareholders, we were able to realize a gain of 54% over a short period of time.”

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