3 Things to Loathe About BG Group plc (BG)

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Brazil is the biggie. While BG Group plc (LON:BG) hasn’t put all its eggs in the Brazilian basket, there are certainly enough in there to raise BG’s risk profile to a higher level than in the past. Finlayson acknowledges the risk but says: If you are going to have risk concentration, I would rather have it in the best discovery in decades, where we have the largest [international oil company] position.”

For me, BG has sound credentials as an asset play in its own right, with the added potential of a bid to out the value. The company has been the subject of takeover speculation on and off for years, the most recent chatter being of an £80 billion break-up bid. I wouldn’t take speculation at such an inflated price seriously, but I can understand how it arises when BG Group plc (LON:BG)’s current value at 1,191 pence a share is 30% below some analysts’ calculations of the true value of the company’s assets.

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