3 Buyouts That Just Make Sense: Toyota Motor Corporation (ADR) (TM) Buying Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) and More

Microsoft has SkyDrive, which isn’t terribly different from Dropbox, but Dropbox has a huge head start on Microsoft’s cloud efforts. If Microsoft bought Dropbox, it could fold SkyDrive into Dropbox and add a recognizable and trusted cloud name to its arsenal. Want a new phone? Ohh, this Windows 8 phone has Dropbox; I know that, so it must not be too bad.

It would also vault Microsoft ahead of Apple in use across platforms. I use Apple devices, but the iCloud is limited in what it will take and isn’t friendly to regular files I may want to back up. That’s why I have Dropbox on all of my Apple devices. Don’t tell me Microsoft being one of the more popular apps on iOS wouldn’t make Apple executives cringe just a little bit.

So, what would it cost? The latest data has Dropbox’s value at just over $5 billion, but Microsoft would have to exceed that. I think $10 billion may get it done, a drop in the bucket for what Microsoft would be getting, if you ask me.

Foolish bottom line
Will any of these deals happen? It’s unlikely, even though strategically they make a lot of sense. For now, I’ll dream of these deals becoming a reality.

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