13D Filing: HG Vora Capital Management and Lasalle Hotel Properties (LHO)

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Item 1.
Security and Issuer
This Schedule 13D relates to the Common Stock, par value $0.01 per share (the “Common Stock”), of LaSalle Hotel Properties, a Maryland real estate investment trust (the “Issuer”).  The Issuer’s principal executive offices are located at 7550 Wisconsin Avenue, 10th Floor, Bethesda, Maryland 20814.
Item 2.
Identity and Background
(a) This Schedule 13D is being filed pursuant to §240.13d-1(f) by HG Vora Capital Management, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Manager” or the “Reporting Person”), as investment manager of the HG Vora Special Opportunities Master Fund, Ltd. (the “Fund”), a Cayman Islands exempted company, with respect to the shares of Common Stock directly owned by the Fund.  Any disclosures herein with respect to persons other than the Reporting Person are made on information and belief after making inquiry to the appropriate party.
All investment and voting decisions for the Fund have been delegated to the Manager.  In such capacity, the Manager may be deemed to beneficially own the securities directly owned by the Fund.  The Manager does not directly own any shares of Common Stock.  The Manager expressly disclaims beneficial ownership of the securities reported in this Schedule 13D except to the extent that it actually exercises voting or dispositive power with respect to such securities.
(b)  The business office address of the Manager is 330 Madison Avenue, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10017.
(c) The principal business of the Manager is to provide investment advisory services to the Fund.
(d) During the last five years, the Reporting Person has not been convicted in a criminal proceeding (excluding traffic violations or other minor offenses).
(e) During the last five years, the Reporting Person has not been a party to a civil proceeding of a judicial or administrative body of competent jurisdiction and as a result of such proceeding has been or is subject to a judgment, decree or final order enjoining future violations of, or prohibiting or mandating activities subject to, federal or state securities laws or finding any violation with respect to such laws.
(f) The Manager is organized under the laws of the state of Delaware.
Item 3.
Source and Amount of Funds or Other Consideration
The 8,000,000 shares of Common Stock reported herein as being beneficially owned by the Reporting Person were acquired in the ordinary course of business with working capital of the Fund set aside for the general purpose of investing. 
Item 4.
Purpose of Transaction.
The Reporting Person acquired the Common Stock for investment purposes in the ordinary course of business and presently holds approximately 7.1% of the Issuer’s Common Stock.
The Reporting Person has engaged, and may continue to engage, in communications with the management of the Issuer, and intends to engage in communications with the Issuer’s board of directors concerning strategic alternatives, including a potential sale of the Issuer.
Except for the foregoing, the Reporting Person does not have, as of the date of this filing, any plans or proposals that relate to or would result in any of the actions or events specified in clauses (a) through (j) of Item 4 of Schedule 13D

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