13D Filing: Bulldog Investors and Swiss Helvetia Fund Inc. (SWZ)

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d) Clients of Bulldog Investors, LLC are entitled to receive any dividends or
sales proceeds.

e) NA


Exibit A

After reasonable inquiry and to the best of my knowledge
and belief, I certify that the information set forth in this
statement is true, complete and correct.

Dated: 3/6/2018

By: /S/ Phillip Goldstein
Name: Phillip Goldstein

By: /S/ Andrew Dakos
Name: Andrew Dakos

By: /S/ Steven Samuels
Name: Steven Samuels

Bulldog Investors, LLC
By: /s/ Andrew Dakos
Andrew Dakos, Member

Footnote 1: The reporting persons disclaim beneficial ownership except
to the extent of any pecuniary interest therein.

Exhibit A:

Full Value Partners, L.P., 250 Pehle Ave., Suite 708, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
201-881-7100 // pgoldstein@bulldoginvestors.com

March 5, 2018

The Swiss Helvetia Fund, Inc.
7 Bryant Park
New York, New York 10018-3706

Attention: Reid B. Adams, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Dear Mr. Adams:

Full Value Partners, L.P. beneficially owns 348,901 shares of The
Swiss Helvetia Fund, Inc. (the “Fund”) including 100 shares in registered
name. In aggregate, Bulldog Investors, LLC, the investment advisor of Full
Value Partners (and other clients), and I beneficially own approximately
2,131,302 shares of the Fund.

Pursuant to Section 10 of Article I of the Fund’s bylaws, Full
Value Partners intends to present one proposal and nominate the persons
named below for election as independent directors at the Fund’s next annual
stockholder meeting (the “Meeting”). My wife and I beneficially own 11,343
shares in street name which were purchased more than five years ago as an
investment. Mr. Hellerman owns 500 shares which were purchased recently.
He served as a financial analyst and later as a branch chief with the U.S.
Securities & Exchange Commission over a ten-year period, as Special Financial
Advisor to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly for four
years, and as the Chief Financial Analyst of the Antitrust Division of the
U.S. Department of Justice for 17 years. Mr. Hellerman has a Bachelor of Arts,
Economics, and an M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts. For additional
information about Mr. Hellerman, please see the enclosed CV. Each nominee
has consented in writing to being named in any proxy statement as a nominee
and to serve as a director if elected, and may be contacted by writing to him
c/o Bulldog Investors, 250 Pehle Avenue, Suite 708, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663.
No nominee is an interested person of the Fund or has any connection with the
Fund other than as a shareholder. There are no arrangements or understandings
between Full Value Partners, L.P. and any proposed nominee or any other
person, and we are not aware of any family or other relationship between any
proposed nominee and any director or officer of the Fund. We intend to have
a representative of Full Value Partners, L.P. appear in person or by proxy
at the meeting to present the proposal and the nominations.

The proposal reads as follows:

The shareholders of The Swiss Helvetia Fund (the “Fund”) request that the
Board of Directors authorize a self-tender offer for at least 50% of the
outstanding common shares of the Fund at or close to net asset value

We support this proposal and believe it is in the best interest of
stockholders because a significant self-tender offer at or close to NAV will
afford them an opportunity to realize a price equal or close to NAV rather
than selling at a discount to NAV.

Our nominees are as follows:

Phillip Goldstein (born 1945) – Since December 1992, a member of Bulldog
Investors, LLC (and its predecessor), an SEC-registered investment adviser
that serves as the investment adviser to, among other clients, the Bulldog
Investors group of private investment funds and Special Opportunities Fund,
Inc., a registered closed-end investment company; Principal of the general
partner of the private investment partnerships in the Bulldog Investors
group of private funds; Chairman of the Mexico Equity & Income Fund, Inc.;
Secretary and Chairman of Special Opportunities Fund, Inc.; Director of MVC
Capital, Inc.; Director of Brookfield DTLA Fund Office Trust Investor;
Trustee of Crossroads Liquidating Trust; Chairman of Brantley Capital
Corporation (until 2013); Director of ASA Ltd. (until 2013); Chairman of
Emergent Capital, Inc. (until 2017).

Gerald Hellerman (born 1937) – Managing Director of Hellerman Associates
(a financial and corporate consulting firm) from 1993 to December 31, 2013.
Chief Compliance Officer and director of Mexico Equity and Income Fund,Inc.
and Special Opportunities Fund, Inc.; Director and Chair of the Audit
Committee, MVC Capital, Inc.; Director, Ironsides Partners Opportunity
Offshore Fund Ltd. (until 2017); Director and Chair of the Audit Committee
of Emergent Capital, Inc.; Director (until 2017), Director of Crossroads
Capital, Inc. (f/k/a BDCA Venture, Inc.) (until 2017); Trustee of
Crossroads Liquidating Trust; Trustee of Fiera Capital Series Trust;
Director, Brantley Capital Corporation (until 2013).

Full Value Partners has not received any financial assistance, funding or
other consideration from any person regarding the proposal or these nominations
and has not engaged in any hedging transactions in connection with its
investment in the Fund. Full Value Partners is part of a Section 13D group
which intends to solicit proxies from all stockholders of the Fund and intends
to have a representative at the meeting to present such proxies.

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