Nelson Obus’ Wynnefield Capital Reported 25% Activist Stake In $MAMS

Nelson Obus’ Wynnefield Capital reported its 25% activist stake in Mam Software Group, Inc. (MAMS) after the firm sold 175 thousand shares in the stock at about $1.65 per share on December 23rd, according to the firm’s most recent insider trading filing. Wynnefield Capital initially filed its MAMS position in March 2008. Now the stock is priced at $1.75.

According to the firm’s official bio, Wynnefield Capital, Inc. “is a value investor, specializing in U.S. small cap situations that have a company or industry specific catalyst. Surfacing of these catalysts unlocks existing, but previously unrecognized value for shareholders. WCI maintains an active investment philosophy.” The firm reported a 13F portfolio of $236 million, increasing by 0.87% from the second quarter. It mainly invests in Healthcare, Services, Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods, and Financial sector.

According to Google Finance, MAM Software Group, Inc. “formerly Aftersoft Group, Inc. provides software, information and related services to businesses engaged in the automotive aftermarket in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company’s business management systems, information products and online services permit its customers to manage their critical day-to-day business operations through automated point-of-sale, information products, inventory management, purchasing, general accounting and customer relationship management.”