Julian Robertson’s Market Outlook: I Am Breathing Hard And Scared

Hedge fund legendary titan Julian Robertson, founder of Tiger Management, this morning talked his views about the market on CNBC.

Julian Robertson

“I found almost no one worries about printing money any more. I feel like I am total reactionary.” the retired hedge fund manager said, “it’s the easy way out of our problem, it’s always the way politicians have faced up the financial problems. But maybe we are out overdoing this time.”

Robertson worries tremendously because there is too much volatility in the market. He believes the market overriding problem lies on “the wiliness and the ability that central banks throughout the world to print money”.

Robertson says that he is “breathing hard and scared” right now. He is not a big gold fan and he is still sticking to his old long and short system which may be not suitable for the huge volatility today.