Best Performing Cryptos This Week! Terra (LUNA), Waves (WAVES) & FIREPIN Token (FRPN)

Whilst 2022 hasn’t quite lived up to the heights of 2021 just yet in the world of cryptocurrency, there are some projects that have been making steady rises instead of falls. Throughout the last 7 days, cryptos such as Terra (LUNA), Waves (WAVES) & FIREPIN Token (FRPN) have all risen greatly. $LUNA is up 9.9%, $WAVES 46% and $FRPN leads the way on 53.6%. Is this just a flash in the pan or will these cryptos continue to rise over the course of the year?

Terra (LUNA) is a leading open-source, decentralised blockchain system for algorithmic stablecoins which monitor the value of existing fiat currencies like the US dollar, euro, and many others. $LUNA has been one of the most successful cryptos in 2022. While several major coins have traded sideways, the algorithmic stablecoin blockchain platform has consistently outperformed price targets.

According to Terra’s website, $LUNA was created for governance and mining and is used to issue stablecoins, pay network fees, and participate in governance voting.  $LUNA is currently trading at $99.52 but smashed its way to a new all-time high of $103.88 just a few days ago, something that hasn’t happened frequently so far this year for many cryptos.

The spectacular price surge of Waves (WAVES) following its announcement to build a blockchain-agnostic metaverse highlights the metaverse’s growing significance in the crypto industry.

Gains of 46.7% over the previous seven days catapulted Waves to new levels of crypto prominence, as it became the top-performing coin during that time frame, according to CoinMarketCap.

Its recent collaboration with Allbridge, a token bridge that will allow Waves to interact with other popular blockchain networks, has also led to its price increase.

Its upcoming blockchain collaboration may influence $WAVES price rise in the future months.

FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is a brand new exciting crypto project that has already seen fantastic success. The Metaverse integrated protocol has risen from $0.000067 to $0.000312 in just the first two weeks of its presale alone, that’s an incredible 350% increase.

With the coin not officially launching for over a month, there is still plenty of time for anyone to invest in this project before it is listed on major exchanges such as Pancake Swap (CAKE) and Uniswap (UNI). At the current speed the price is rising at early investors are set to achieve some monster profits with many predicting that it could achieve another 1500/2000%.

There is also a bonus referral system for the first stage of the presale where users can earn up to 3% on the deposit of anyone that joins the presale using their unique referral code.

FIREPIN Token aspires to be a comprehensive community-driven DAO with Metaverse integration. This means that the holders of the token will be able to vote on certain things that will benefit the ecosystem in the long run. Every transaction carried out on the network will incur a small tax fee. The funds created from this will be distributed between the treasury, liquidity pools and shared among current holders of the token.

Terra (LUNA), Waves (WAVES), & FIREPIN Token (FRPN) have been some of the best performing cryptocurrencies of this week. With many of the major coins trading sideways it seems that they could be some of the best-performing ones next week too!

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